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Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars | foxeslovelemons.com

As you’re reading this, I’ll be undergoing outpatient sinus surgery, or just getting started on my recovery after it. You see, for the past several years, I’ve had about seven serious sinus infections each year. Since it takes nearly a month to recover from each one, I’ve basically been sick for more than half of each year! Antibiotics don’t really put a dent in the situation, as most of the problems are anatomical and can only be corrected by surgery.

So this week, instead of soaking up the last little bit of summer before Labor Day, I’ll be recovering on the couch with my dog #oneflops (follow that hashtag on Instagram to see her latest adventures). While I may be looking like this for the next week, I’m hopeful that this surgery means I’ll be spending a lot less time on the couch being sick in the future.

Speaking of being hopeful, I’m really trying to have a positive outlook on this surgery. While I’m sure I’ll feel terrible for the next few days, I don’t want to focus on that. I want to focus on how great I’ll feel afterwards, and how I’ll no longer have to worry about being sick for my birthday, Thanksgiving and vacations (all of those things have happened). Another bright side of this surgery? I’ll get to watch lots of bad TV (I’m looking at you, “Dating Naked”) and eat unlimited Fruttare frozen fruit bars as I recover.

Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars is a line of delicious frozen fruit bars made with real fruit. They offer creamy Fruit and Milk bars, as well as refreshing Fruit and Juice bars, in a variety of flavors. I’ve stocked my freezer with Fruttare bars, and I might have snuck a couple strawberry bars out a few days early. I mean, I have to make sure they’re good, right? I’m happy to report that these tasted like a burst of super-ripe strawberries. They had a soft and smooth texture, and I especially liked that they weren’t too sweet, but instead were simply fruity and refreshing. While surgery won’t be fun, at least I have a freezer stocked with these babies waiting for me at home!

Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars | foxeslovelemons.com

Fruttare Frozen Fruit Bars are available at retailers nationwide. For more information on Fruttare Fruit Bars, please visit FruttareFruitBars.com.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your sinus condition Lori, surgery is never fun! Take care and feel better!

    • Thanks Mary! So far, the recovery hasn’t been AS bad as I expected. In fact, I’m mostly just bored already. haha 🙂

  2. I just stumbled upon your Home Chef column on Blue Apron, and I just wanted to say that I love your articles. Each one is like a perfect little gem with useful information. Pinned & shared a bunch of them.

    And thanks! 🙂

  3. Lori, I had no idea you suffered on-going sinus infections. That sounds terrible! I would’ve elected to have the surgery too. Anything to take myself out of the misery! I hope you’re resting up with the pup and eating lots of these Fruttare bars. Seriously, they’re freaking delicious. I haven’t eaten any this summer but now you’re making me want to run out and buy a box, so this post is doing its job 😉

    • Yeah, as miserable as this recovery is (although mostly, I’m just really bored already), I’ve had 50 different people who’ve had the same surgery tell me it will be worth it. And I really wasn’t living with all those sinus infections. I was just suffering and waiting for the next one, always. This will be so much better. Also, I’m going to grab another Fruttare right now. Comfort item. haha.

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