Simple, yet special, original recipes.


Milky Tea Ice Cream - For tea lovers and ice cream lovers alike. Silky ice cream with a subtle touch of black tea. | Milky Tea Ice Cream July 9, 2014
Classic tacos for two (or a big group!) in exactly 20 minutes. | Saturday Night Tacos May 20, 2014
Turkey Taco Sliders - A healthy and tasty meal that you can quickly re-purpose into a leftover Turkey Taco Bowl the next day! See post for info about both recipes. | Turkey Taco Sliders May 19, 2014
Tabbouleh Hummus - A big bowl of fresh, healthy Mediterranean dip! Tabbouleh Hummus April 15, 2014
Pesto Ranch Dip2 Pesto Ranch Dipping Sauce January 29, 2014
Asian Shrimp Wonton Cups - Crunchy wonton cups filled with broccoli slaw and topped with sweet chili glazed shrimp. Special yet incredibly simple! Asian Shrimp Wonton Cups January 14, 2014
Candy Cane No-Bake Cookies - A 15-minute holiday cookie, no baking experience needed! Candy Cane No-Bake Cookies December 20, 2013