I interviewed Alton Brown!

Alton Brown Interview | foxeslovelemons.com
So,  I was on vacation in Seattle (all the details on that next week!), and, even though I should NOT have been peeking at work e-mail, I did. There was a message from my editor at The Oakland Press asking if I wanted to interview Alton Brown! His stage show is making a stop in Detroit, and apparently, by doing like, one restaurant review a month, I was the default “food writer” qualified for this.

Except, I was not at all qualified. I had never interviewed anyone before, let alone a real-deal food celebrity that I’d been watching on the Food Network for half my life. Regardless, it was happening. And just a few days after I got back from vacation.
Alton Brown Interview | foxeslovelemons.com

Of course, this happened at a time when I was at an all-time creativity low. What the heck should I ask him? I frantically asked friends and readers for help. I was told Alton would call me at promptly 5:15, and at 5:14, my phone rang. Ahhhhhhh!

I’m sure he could tell I was super nervous, and it felt verrrrry awkward at the time, but it wasn’t so terrible. We bonded over our love for beets and brussels sprouts, and we chatted a bit about playing the saxophone (he still plays, I’m a quitter). I called him an “evil villain” for his hosting duties on “Cutthroat Kitchen.” He told me he hates cupcakes, and I played it cool and pretended like I don’t make cupcakes all of the time. And at one point, my dog did a parade around my chair while squeaking her loudest toy. My professionalism standards are unparalleled.

Read my interview with Alton Brown for The Oakland Press HERE.

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  1. I still can’t believe you forgot to ask him, at the end, if you could be on Cutthroat Kitchen. I always thought you’d be great on one of those cooking competition shows.

  2. This is so amazing!!!! I’m a die hard fan of Alton!

  3. I’m still jealous, happy for you but jealous. I love that your dog decided to parade around during the interview.

  4. What fun, I love Alton Brown and how fantastic you got to interview him, I thought you did a really good job. Well done.

  5. Oh, I am SO glad the interview went well! I knew you’d be fabulous!!! Congrats, Lori!!!

  6. That is awesome! I would be so nervous and awkward if I ever had to interview someone. He seems like such a nice guy, though, so I’m sure it went well!

  7. You did great, Lori! Love the interview! How awesome!

  8. Good for you, how exciting. I am a total Alton fan!!!

  9. Just catching up on all things foxeslovelemons. Nice interview, Lor!!

  10. Fabulous interview, Lori! I didn’t give you any suggestions because I’m the worst at thinking of stuff like this. I would’ve been totally tongue tied and star struck because Alton Brown is a food god. You did an amazing job. I love that he plays the saxophone to this day. I played the trumpet for three years in high school and have always wanted to take it up again. My neighbours would love me for it.

    • Um yeah, I was totally tongue tied. More so just saying SUPER awkward things and nervous laughing. A lot. Oh well, I’m sure he gets that sort of thing every day.

      I’m afraid your best trumpet-playing days might be behind you. But if you decide to take it up again, I’ll be nothing but supportive. Because hell, I’m not your neighbor.

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