Cucumber & Triple Lime Gin Seltzer

Cucumber & Triple Lime Gin Seltzer - Stir up a batch of this refreshing take on a classic summer cocktail for your next get-together! |

For somebody who just started drinking gin and tonics last summer, I now seem to rotate through a lot of variations of them. I have three different brands of gin in my liquor cabinet – one that pair wells with cucumber, one that pairs well with lime, and a neutral one that enjoys mingling with both. Today,

Grilled Parmesan-Pesto Sweet Corn

Grilled Parmesan-Pesto Sweet Corn - 4 ingredients. 8 minutes cook time. The best summer side dish ever! |

In my opinion, summer in the Midwest is highlighted best by two great ingredients: Michigan cherries, and fresh sweet corn. The season for both of them is all too short, so it’s best to just go crazy on them while they’re around. To say that I haven’t eaten a pound of fresh cherries in one

Grilled Shrimp with Vanilla Beurre Blanc

Grilled Shrimp with Vanilla Beurre Blanc - Don't let the fancy French name intimidate you - in just about 20 minutes, you can pull together this elegant summer appetizer! |

This Grilled Shrimp with Vanilla Beurre Blanc is kind of like a culinary school lesson, with a more modern twist. Beurre blanc is a classic French sauce (translated as “white butter”) that is similar to a hollandaise in theory, but without any eggs. Don’t let the French name intimidate you: beurre blanc is simply an emulsion of

Spicy Peanut Chicken Skewers

Spicy Peanut Chicken Skewers - The whole family will love this easy grilled take on peanut chicken satay. Serve with veggie skewers for a complete meal! |

Through my partnership with Milk Means More, I had a chance to interview a local farmer last month as part of the Meet #MIFarmFamilies campaign. I was able to have a nice chat with Gertie van den Goor, a farmer who moved with her husband and three children from the Netherlands to Marlette, Michigan in 1999 and

Birthday Cake Latte Muffins

Birthday Cake Latte Muffins - Turn a fun coffeehouse treat into a baked good with these espresso-spiked funfetti muffins! |

Birthday cake lattes seem to be all the rage at coffee shops these days. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never actually had one. I like rainbow sprinkles, but . . . I like them separate from my coffee. Until now. I took the fun invention that is the birthday cake latte, and turned

Epic Bloody Mary Burgers

Epic Bloody Mary Burgers - Bloody mary lovers, this burger is calling your name! The burger is slathered in bloody mary ketchup, then topped with onion rings, tomato slices and horseradish mayo. Skewer with celery, olives and pickles and dig in! |

I’m a big believer in making up for lost time. I didn’t really appreciate bloody marys until just a few years ago, but now I’m all like OMG it’s a drink and a snack and it’s savory and there’s vodka and let’s pretend it’s healthy because there are some vegetables here and yes please.  But, even

Feta Terrines with Spring Vegetables

Feta Terrines with Spring Vegetables - A simple yet elegant appetizer or snack. Make this one in a muffin pan! |

Fun fact: both houses I’ve owned have come with random culinary delights already growing in the yard. My first house had out-of-control mulberry trees, and a single very oddly placed garlic plant. My current house came with a pretty sizeable chive plant right by the deck, which I’m finding very useful. I mean, chives can add