Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills, MI

My restaurant review of Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills, MI was published for The Oakland Press last week.BFD. Apparently, in cool kid internet slang, it can stand for Big F*ckin’ Deal. In this case, the restaurant’s owners claim it stands for Beer Food Drink. In any event, I got a beer sampler of all Octoberfest beers, served in a ping-pong paddle with holes in it. I had glorious, giant meatballs with a bit of asparagus so I could still pretend that something on the plate was healthy. Not to make a BFD about it, but I liked the Clubhouse.

Restaurant Review: Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills, Michigan |

Read my review of Clubhouse BFD for The Oakland Press HERE,  and see the photo gallery HERE.




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  1. I had the Remedy sandwich there. Amazing. Not something you should eat every day I am sure.

  2. It isn’t often that we can get away with writing BFD on our FOOD blogs! LOVE it!!

  3. The use of the faux-ping-pong-paddles was the coolest presentation of a beer flight I have seen. Much more original than the traditional drilled peg board. Oh, and the beer selection was very good too!

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