Piada Italian Street Food in Troy, MI

My restaurant review of Piada Italian Street Food in Troy, MI was published for The Oakland Press recently. Piada is actually a fast-casual chain that started in Ohio. Despite my dislike of most things about Ohio, I was willing to give it a chance. What fast-casual restaurant is not trying to be Chipotle nowadays? Piada is clearly following the Chipotle business model, with pasta bowls, salads and Italian wrap sandwiches instead of burritos and tacos. It’s working out pretty well for them. I had calamari, for like $6, at a quick-service restaurant and actually enjoyed it. Really, really enjoyed it. Color me surprised.

Piada Italian Street Food in Troy, Michigan | foxeslovelemons.com
Read my review of Piada Italian Street Food for The Oakland Press HERE.


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  1. I felt a little like a judge of a Food Network show . . . The design reminded me of an Italian Chipotle. And while the food was delicious, it wasn’t very hot.

  2. The images certainly look delicious! I have never had food from Ohio 🙂

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