Simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.


#AeroGarden 3SL Giveaway | #AeroGarden Giveaway December 10, 2014
Mexican Pasta Bake - Baked penne loaded with chorizo sausage, black beans, veggies and cheese! | Mexican Pasta Bake November 6, 2014
Gluten-Free Chili Lasagna - No matter your reason for skipping gluten, this casserole doesn't skip any flavor! Layers of pasta, hearty beef and bean chili, and Colby Jack cheese, topped with Greek yogurt and avocado! | Chili Lasagna October 23, 2014
Creepy Mini Pizzas - A spooky but delicious Halloween treat for kids of all ages! | Creepy Mini Pizzas October 9, 2014
Creamy Pumpkin Parmesan Dip - A savory way to get some pumpkin goodness into your life. | Creamy Pumpkin Parmesan Dip September 22, 2014
Clean Slate Flatbread - Whole wheat naan topped with hummus, roasted yellow peppers and beets, arugula, sesame seeds and honey mustard. | Clean Slate Flatbread September 18, 2014
Quick Pumpkin Beer Bread - A simple homemade beer bread made with PUMPKIN beer! | Quick Pumpkin Beer Bread September 9, 2014
Savory Yogurt Three Ways - Not a fan of fruity yogurt? Turn plain Greek yogurt into a savory, protein-packed meal! | Savory Yogurt Three Ways September 2, 2014
Double Coffee Affogato - A classic, elegant Italian dessert and coffee all in one. Cold and creamy coffee ice cream topped with hot, strong coffee. | Double Coffee Affogato August 25, 2014