Cherry Pie Ice Cream

Cherry Pie Ice Cream - Have a few pieces of leftover pie? Churn it into some ice cream and savor the flavor for months to come! |

Just a quick little update. My Cherry Pie Fail was one of the most commented-on posts in this blog’s existence! All kinds of people stopped by to chime in on why my pie failed, how they make theirs, and what I could do with the leftovers. I ended up freezing a container of cherry filling to serve later in the summer with seared duck breasts. Then, I took the rest of the pie and turned it into Cherry Pie Ice Cream!

I started with a basic batch of vanilla ice cream (using the recipe in the booklet that came with my ice cream maker). Then, I totally felt like a contestant on “Chopped” as I chopped up the cold, three-day-old pie in order to re-purpose it. I roughly chopped both the cherries and the crust, and added those to the ice cream as it was finishing churning. The end result is amazing – the cherries are as delicious as ever, and the little bits of crust running throughout the ice cream adds a slightly salty counterpoint.

I’m definitely keeping this idea in mind for any future failed and/or leftover pies. It would be a great way to savor the flavor of the last few pieces of your favorite Thanksgiving pie a little bit longer!