Martha Stewart’s Cookies, Part 2

In an effort to force myself to actually make some recipes from the cookbooks I buy (instead of watching them collect dust on the coffee table), I’m committing to a once-monthly blog post I’ll call “Cook The Book.” Not to be confused with my other monthly “If I Liked It, Then I Should Have Put A [3] Ring [Binder] On It” posts, these dishes may not necessarily be ones I’ve made again and again (yet). This is just my effort to try out some cookbook recipes and share the results with you.

Awhile back, I shared some of my favorite recipes that I’ve made from Martha Stewart’s Cookies book, but those were just the tip of iceberg. There’s 175 recipes in this book! I’ve made more than 20 of them, for special occasions, Sunday night desserts, and lots and lots of Michigan football tailgates. Here’s some more of my top picks – ones that I would make again and again.

Chocolate-Ginger Brownies from "Martha Stewart's Cookies" |

Chocolate-Ginger Brownies – I wouldn’t really consider these cookies, but Martha put them in her cookie book, so I’ll just roll with it. These were super easy to make, and there were very few dishes to wash at the end (always a bonus!). You just melt some butter and chocolate in a saucepan, and then stir in the rest of the ingredients, including ground ginger and grated fresh ginger. These tasted unlike any brownie I had ever had before – they were fudgy and chocolaty, and the ginger made them sort of spicy!

Pecan Tassies from "Martha Stewart's Cookies" |

Pecan Tassies – These are like the perfect little Southern-style treat. While I’ve never been partial to more than a bite of pecan pie (soooo sweet), I do love pecans. These kind of take the best parts of pecan pie and put them into bite-sized, not-as-cloyingly sweet packages. And I love the method for making them – you press the shortbread-like crust onto the bottom and sides of mini-muffin cups, and then you fill them with pecans and brown sugar glaze.

 Gingersnap-Raspberry Cookie Sandwiches from "Martha Stewart's Cookies" |
Gingersnap-Raspberry Sandwiches – I really had no idea that homemade gingersnaps would be so awesome, but these are. They could totally be eaten on their own, or made into these cute little cookie sandwiches with jam. One memory that stands out from making these was that I ran out of raspberry jam when I was only halfway through assembling the sandwiches. So, I started using apricot preserves. But then, those ran out, too. So I tried some jarred hot fudge, and then some peanut butter also. In the end, I had a huge, random assortment of gingersnap sandwiches, and you know what? They were all good.

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