Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

It’s a few days early, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I’m only a mom to a little yellow dog with one pointy ear and one floppy ear, but some days, it feels like that’s already more than I can handle. She’s crazy. As I type this, she’s currently in the middle of a half hour panic attack over a squirrel outside. How dare he walk across our yard like that. The nerve. This is her, giving him the business:

My mom always requests two things for the Mother’s Day brunch gathering at her house – quiche and blueberry muffins. I handle the quiche, my aunt makes the muffins, and my mom is a happy camper. If you’re still planning a brunch of your own, here’s a few recipes that I think might work, and please mothers everywhere. Click on the name of the dish to be taken to the full recipe.

Caramelized Fennel & Apple Tart - deeply caramelized fennel with Granny smith apples, goat cheese and walnuts. |

Caramelized Fennel & Apple Tart – this is very, very similar to a quiche, except the “other stuff” to eggs ratio is very high. This is loaded with caramelized fennel, goat cheese, crunchy Granny Smith apples and walnuts. The fennel can be caramelized well in advance, as can blind-baking the pie crust. All you have to do on Mother’s Day morning is plop the ingredients in the pie shell, pour some eggs over it, and bake!

Roasted Asparagus w/ Lemon-Mustard Sauce - an easy but elegant dish.  |

Roasted Asparagus with Poached Egg & Lemon-Mustard Sauce – If you don’t want to do a quiche or egg tart, but would still like to serve an elegant egg dish for brunch, this is it. It’s just as fancy as poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, but about 10 times easier because there’s not nearly as much whisking or panicking over a broken sauce. Serve with an English muffin or toast for mopping up egg yolk and extra sauce, and Mom will be pleased.

Tropical Mango Banana Bourbon Bread - a taste of Hawaii in a slice of bread! |

Tropical Mango Banana Bourbon Bread – Now, onto the sweet side of things. This is a great breakfast bread, because it’s filled with fruit (dried mango, coconut and banana) and pecans. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. You can spread some softened butter on it, but I think it’s good just on it’s own. You could also use this recipe to make muffins or mini-muffins!

Mocha Cupcakes from "Martha Stewart's Cupcakes" |

Mocha Cupcakes – If you’ve read my blog at all in the fast few months, it won’t surprise you that this recipe is from my beloved Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book. Martha doesn’t have her recipe online, but a copy of it can be found at Indulge Bakery. Martha calls for making the cupcakes and topping them with Seven Minute Frosting, which is a fluffy, “spiky” frosting, but I like being able to pipe my frosting. This blogger actually did the same thing I did here- follow the cupcake recipe, and top it with an espresso-spiked Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I think these are a perfect “brunch cupcake,” if there is such a thing – nothing says brunch like coffee!

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