Red Velvet Wedding Cake In A Jar

Red Velvet Wedding Cake In A Jar – layers of red velvet cake, almonds, whipped cream and fresh strawberries in individual mason jar servings! |
This is the post where I tell you about my wedding, and then mash a wedding cake into a jar. If you don’t like weddings (what’s wrong with you?), you’ll probably want to click away now. No cake for you.

Five years ago this week, Jeff and I got married. Our wedding and reception were at the University of Michigan, where we met. It rained all morning and threatened to ruin everything (good luck, I hear?), but cleared up by the time of the ceremony. My best friend spent some of her morning discretely bandaging my feet from the blisters my rehearsal dinner shoes had given me. Another friend was our officiant. Still other friends dressed up in pretty dresses and [weird] rental suits and stood up there with us.

I wore blue shoes, which our wedding photographer was majorly obsessed with.  I carried sweet but sort of odd orchids that cost as much as the rest of the wedding flowers combined. My mom and I talked my dad into paying for them (seriously, like he was going to get out of it).


The vows took 5 minutes, and then it was party time. Well, first it was picture time. Picture time, where I promptly sat in bird poo on a bench. Anybody who thinks a wedding day is glamorous hasn’t watched a new husband use a Shout wipe to get bird poo off his bride’s dress. After the stain removal, THEN, it was party time.


Before dinner, we cut the cake. We chose red velvet, because apparently I’m a southern belle at heart (except no, not really at all). I never trust other people to make cream cheese frosting, because it’s always too sweet, so we had fluffy white frosting instead. There was also a layer of strawberries in the middle of each piece of cake, because why not? Our wedding paparazzi / loved ones stared at us and laughed, because the cake cutting didn’t exactly go as smoothly as it could have.


Because our cake had ribbons around the bottom of each tier, we seriously had no idea how to cut this thing. We couldn’t just slide the knife all the way from top to bottom of a tier, and we hadn’t had any pre-discussions about the best way to attack this. Jeff, being the engineer, gave it a stare down and tried to figure it out. Ultimately, we cut the most awkward chunk out of it ever, fed each other a bite and called it good. And you know what? Even though it was my wedding day, it still felt weird eating dessert before dinner.


wedding pics
After dinner and another cake (this one delivered to my Grandpa, as it was also his birthday), we danced the night away to the live band. Being late June in a historical building, it got a bit hot in there from tearing up the dance floor. My Dad’s friends tried to crank open the 100-year-old windows and promptly got yelled at by the building staff. I laughed.


When I needed a break from the dancing, I grabbed a piece of cake (that one bite before dinner wasn’t enough!) and a glass of red wine and sat down with our wedding planner to take a breather. Possessing the Type A personality that is totally necessary to be a wedding planner, she freaked out and had a minor panic attack about all the red food and beverage that a bride in a white dress was consuming. I laughed again.


With this being the week of my 5th anniversary, I decided to smush our wedding cake into a jar. The red velvet cake and strawberries of course had to be in there. I swapped the cake frosting out for some lighter whipped cream, and added some almonds, just for crunch. Give it a try for a special occasion, or just any day where you want to feel like a southern belle.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake In A Jar – layers of red velvet cake, almonds, whipped cream and fresh strawberries in individual mason jar servings! |

Yield: Makes 1 pint-sized jar (which is large enough to serve 2 people). Multiply amounts depending on how many jars you want to make.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake In A Jar

Red Velvet Wedding Cake In A Jar


  • 2 small unfrosted red velvet cupcakes (use a box mix, homemade recipe, or store-bought cupcakes)
  • 3/4 cup whipped cream (store-bought or homemade chantilly cream), divided
  • 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon sliced almonds


  1. Crumble 1 cupcake into bottom of jar. Add 1/2 cup whipped cream, strawberries and almonds, in layers. Crumble remaining cupcake over almonds, then top with remaining 1/4 cup whipped cream. Grab a friend or loved one, 2 spoons, and enjoy.