Public House in Ferndale, MI

Restaurant Review: Public House in Ferndale, Michigan |


My restaurant review of Public House in Ferndale, MI was published for The Oakland Press recently.


My hometown has been exploding with hip new restaurants lately, and I love it! While it has not also been exploding with more parking spaces (sigh), I’m a pretty happy camper during the months I can ride my bike downtown for dinner.
Restaurant Review: Public House in Ferndale, Michigan |

Public House is owned by the same group who opened Imperial (that review here), and it’s just as stylish and cool. While the sliders aren’t yet on par with my beloved Green Dot Stables in Detroit, I could definitely see myself stopping in here for happy hour after a long day of work. Plus, any place that has a huge painting (albeit with a poorly placed light shining on it) of Mick Jagger wearing a t-shirt reading “Who the F*ck Is Mick Jagger” is my kind of place.

Read my review of Public House for The Oakland Press HERE,  and see the photo gallery HERE.




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