Steelhouse Tavern in Troy, MI

Sigh. The Detroit Free Press’ Sylvia Rector beat me to it again. Her review of Steelhouse Tavern in Troy, Michigan, was published only hours before I was headed there myself to review it. I swear, sometimes I feel like she’s hacking into my calendar to beat me to the punch. However, this is extremely unlikely for two reasons 1.) She’s a (presumably) full-time restaurant and food writer for a major newspaper, and I’m just a lowly freelancer. Of course she’ll win every time. 2.) It’d actually be impossible to “hack into” my calendar – much to the chagrin of all of my friends, I don’t use an electronic calendar. I tote around a spiral-bound paper day planner. Yep, I’m pretty hip that way.

Be all of of that as it may, my review of Steelhouse Tavern was still published for The Oakland Press last week. This place is a total hidden gem in a hideous strip mall. All of the food I had there was damn tasty, and the prices were total values for the quality of food that you get.

Restaurant Review: Steelhouse Tavern in Troy, Michigan |

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