After making sangria, appetizers, snacks and dinner all week (and cleaning the house!), the chances of my guests getting anything from me for dessert other than a popsicle were slim. Luckily, my friend Regina loves to bake, and loves having opportunities to try new recipes and share them! Last year, I put a little “Desserts by Regina” note on my menu, and she became an overnight pop-up bakery. Ok, not really. But Desserts by Regina is a thing now. People have come to expect it at the sangria party, and I’m happy to let her do her thing.

This year, it was like she hacked into my Google Reader/Feedly and did a greatest hits from the last few months of many of the food blogs I read. It was so great to see all of these recipes I’ve been drooling over come to life!

Here’s what she made us:

Rhubarb Dessert for a Sangria Party |

Rhubarb Dessert (with rhubarb grown in the Desserts by Regina Garden) – recipe/instructions can be found in this video. Weird confession: I had never before tried rhubarb until this arrived in my backyard. It was a just a weird gap in my food knowledge for no good reason. I’m happy to report it was absolutely delicious, and actually tasted exactly like I guessed it would. Tart and tangy, but with plenty of sugar in the dessert to balance it out. And any dessert that has a crunchy crumble on top gets an A+ in my book. This was awesome!

Blueberry Slab Pie for a Sangria Party | `Blueberry Slab Pie for a Sangria Party |

Blueberry Slab Pie – recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon. Between the fruit sangria, the fruit salad with dinner, and the fruity desserts, we were at no shortage for fruity goodness at this party. I’m just going to go ahead and eat only chicken wings for the next week, since I’m all set on my fruit intake. In all seriousness, though, Regina made us two of these slab pies (one with powdered sugar, one without), and they were gorgeous. And tasted great. Since my favorite part of any pie is the crust, this was an ideal pie for me – a huge crust : pie filling ratio.

Momofuku Crack Pie for a Sangria Party |

Crack Pie – recipe from Christina Tosi @ Momofuku Milk Bar, as published by Bon Appetit. Yes, it’s really called Crack Pie. Is crack surging through your veins anything like sugar doing the same thing? I have no idea. I’m not even entirely sure what crack is. Everything I know about drugs I’ve learned from Breaking Badand I don’t think they’ve covered that yet. Anywhoo….Crack Pie is best described as pecan pie without those pesky pecans. It’s like the sugar-riddled filling and only the sugar-riddled filling. And somehow, even without the nuts, it still tastes nutty. One pie can feed like 500 people, because one tiny, awesome bite is all you need. The coolest part about this pie? The crust is made of a crumbled-up homemade oatmeal cookie. First, you make a giant oatmeal cookie. Then, you crumble it up and press it into a pie plate. Then, you fill it with crack. 

Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches for a Sangria Party | Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches for a Sangria Party |

Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches – recipe from the Joy The Baker. You know what’s more addictive than crack? These little guys. If you’re a sweet and salty person (and who’s not?), you need to make these stat. They’re perfect for a party where there’s lots of other dessert options, because these are just two-bite sandwiches. The Ritz crackers are drizzled with melted chocolate, and then stuffed with ice cream or gelato. Regina used Ben & Jerry’s What a Cluster, and Haagen Daz Banana Split Ice Cream, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato. To say that I ate three of these in one sitting the following day while recovering from sangria consumption would not be untrue.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Sangria Party Week! I had so much fun both throwing the party, and telling you guys about it. If you have questions about anything from this week, please feel free to ask in the comments.

I’ll end this series with the weirdest photo from this year’s party. I asked Jeff and one of our (guy) friends to hand model a few ice cream sandwiches. I just wanted their hands close enough to be in the frame together. And this is what they gave me:

Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches for a Sangria Party |

Hands, touchin’ hands….reachin’ out….touchin’ me…..touchin’ YOU.

Sangria Party Week 2013 |

Sangria Party Week: