Vegan Before 6

Introduction to the Vegan Before 6 lifestyle. |

I saw Mark Bittman do a TV interview a few weeks back, talking about his new book VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health . . . for Good,” and was instantly convinced that it’s a great idea. I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle and started eating vegan before 6. Is it for ethical reasons? No – while I’m not super excited about factory farming and the poor conditions in which the animals live, I don’t think it’s realistic to believe that a few people going vegan is going to do anything to change that (sorry).

Like Bittman (a professional food writer), I did it as a compromise for the life I’ve chosen – loving food, loving cooking, loving going out to eat, but not wanting to weigh 300 pounds. To me, the smartest part of this lifestyle is that is basically forces you to eat more fruits and vegetables. With no eggs, no cheese, no yogurt, and no meat or seafood, what’s left for breakfast and lunches? Fruits and vegetables, and lots of them. You eat healthy, fresh food all morning and afternoon, and come evening – do whatever you want. It doesn’t impact my social life at all – I can still go out to dinner with friends whenever I want, wheeee!

I decided to take a modified approached, which is “Vegan Before 6, Weekdays Only.” I love the awesome breakfasts my husband cooks up for me each weekend, and I’m not willing to give them up, in all their egg, sausage, and coffee with vanilla creamer glory. So, last week, I did it every weekday, and it wasn’t difficult. Like, at all. Here’s what I ate:

Introduction to the Vegan Before 6 lifestyle. |

Breakfasts: Homemade Cold Cereal (a recipe from the book) with vanilla almond milk, or an apple with made-in-Michigan Koeze natural peanut butter.

Lunches: Homemade Greek Salads (spinach, cucumbers, chickpeas, roasted beets, kalamata olives, capers, red onion, and olive oil-lemon dressing). I also roasted a big batch of brussels sprouts and carrots, which I ate with quinoa and hummus on the days I didn’t have salad.

Snacks: Watermelon, more apples, cashews, NatureBox snacks and lots of ice water.

I plan to continue this week – I think I’ll make up some southwest quinoa black bean bowls for lunches. Yum!