Simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.

Epic Bloody Mary Burgers

Epic Bloody Mary Burgers - Bloody mary lovers, this burger is calling your name! The burger is slathered in bloody mary ketchup, then topped with onion rings, tomato slices and horseradish mayo. Skewer with celery, olives and pickles and dig in! |

I’m a big believer in making up for lost time. I didn’t really appreciate bloody marys until just a few years ago, but now I’m all like OMG it’s a drink and a snack and it’s savory and there’s vodka and let’s pretend it’s healthy because there are some vegetables here and yes please. 

But, even though I’m firmly in the bloody mary fan club at this point, I still think they’re really only appropriate on Sunday mornings. I know most bars will make you one at whatever hour of the day on whatever day of the week you want one, but it only feels right to me on Sunday morning.

Feta Terrines with Spring Vegetables

Feta Terrines with Spring Vegetables - A simple yet elegant appetizer or snack. Make this one in a muffin pan! |

Fun fact: both houses I’ve owned have come with random culinary delights already growing in the yard. My first house had out-of-control mulberry trees, and a single very oddly placed garlic plant. My current house came with a pretty sizeable chive plant right by the deck, which I’m finding very useful. I mean, chives can add

Lemon Cardamom Coconut Granola

Lemon Cardamom Coconut Granola - Spice up your yogurt and granola routine with this exotic cardamom- and lemon-infused granola. |

I know I talked on Monday about how I’m really more of a savory vegetable person, with fruity detours only rarely. Well, it turns out that the mango pineapple sangria really whetted my appetite for fruit, because I’ve been craving fruits of all kinds ever sense. My breakfasts for the past few weeks have been

Mango-Pineapple Sangria

Mango-Pineapple Sangria - This fruit summer drink is a breeze to stir together, can be made in advance, and serves a crowd! |

So, I’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately.  Truth be told, I’ve always been more of a vegetable person. Give me any vegetable, and I’m happy, especially if it’s roasted or grilled. Call me crazy, but I’m such an OMG SAVORY ALL THE TIME person that some fruit is just too sweet for me.

Honey Grilled Pork Banh Mi with Spiralized Pickled Vegetables - Prep ahead for an assemble-and-serve weeknight meal. Quick on time, HUGE on Asian flavor. |

I go through phases with cooking and ingredients, just like most people go through phases with fashion. My current kitchen obsessions right now are honey and anything pickled. Honey is my go-to sweetener in almost all instances – sweet, savory and cocktails. Not only does it always seem to add just the right amount of

Salsa Verde Elote Bites

Salsa Verde Elote Bites - Creamy Mexican street food-style corn served in mini tortilla bowls. A perfect EASY party bite! |

Sometimes, when my husband and I are out to dinner, I look around, and can easily spot the couples in the restaurant that are on a first date. You know, the awkward small talk, cautious flirting, and most especially, eschewing of any super messy menu items. At one of our favorite places in town, one

DIY Spring Salad Board

DIY Spring Salad Board - Assemble a bounty of spring produce on a platter, along with creamy Parmesan-Peppercorn Dressing, tangy Parmesan Vinaigrette, and crunchy Parmesan Fricos, and let your guests assemble their own salad with this fun party idea! |

I’ve mentioned quite frequently that one of my favorite ways to entertain (or heck, even prepare a dinner for just two people) is with DIY platters. Pile a bunch of great ingredients onto a cutting board, platter, or even just a baking sheet, and let everybody make their own personalized dish. But the truth is,