Simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.

Buffalo Falafel Subs

Buffalo Falafel Subs - Fried chickepea fritters are tossed in buffalo sauce then piled into subs with buffalo-flavored hummus, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese! |

When you think about going to a baseball game and the food you might eat that day, you probably think of hot dogs, peanuts or nachos. You probably don’t think of falafel (a Middle Eastern fritter made from chickpeas), but for me, baseball and falafel are intertwined!

You see, right near the stadium where the Detroit Tigers play is a bar/restaurant that serves amazing falafel pita sandwiches. They also have chicken shawarma, but I prefer falafel because they’re a little lighter than the shawarma. They don’t weigh me down quite as much, and leave me with plenty of room to get a big ol’ ice cold beer at the ballpark.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Greek Yogurt Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwiches - Flavor-packed ranch chicken salad sandwiches made with Greek yogurt. Perfect for a party, or to keep in the fridge for lunches throughout the work week! |

My husband and I go through Greek yogurt at an almost alarming rate. Every single time I hit the grocery store, I’m buying one or two of the largest tubs I can find of our favorite brand. Each time I peel back the foil on a new tub, I think to myself “didn’t I JUST

Beet, Blue Cheese & Pistachio Picnic Sandwich

Beet, Blue Cheese & Pistachio Picnic Sandwich - Roasted beets, homemade blue cheese spread, pistachios and parsley on a big loaf of ciabatta bread. Slice and serve at a picnic or party, or eat for lunches throughout the week! |

When summer starts to roll around each year, there’s two things at the top of my agenda. First, some sort of home improvement project. Mind you, our house doesn’t really *need* any improvement, but I always get the urge to do a little something something to beautify our space. Usually, this involves re-painting a room

Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon Bites

Bacon-Wrapped Watermelon Bites - A simple three-ingredient summer party bite that pairs perfectly with cocktails! |

When I have casual get-togethers with friends, I love serving snacks and drinks. However, I only like to make one of those things from scratch. If I make cocktails with lots of ingredients, I’ll buy a simple pre-made snack from the grocery store. Conversely, if I make the snack, I’m always looking for a no-fuss drink

Summer Salad with Strawberry-Ricotta Toast

Summer Salad with Stawberry-Ricotta Toast - Stay cool this summer with this refreshing butter lettuce salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and almonds. Serve with crostini topped with creamy ricotta cheese and juicy sliced strawberries. |

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a weird thing where I wait as long as humanly possible to turn on the air conditioning each summer. Call it pride, call it being a cheapskate about paying the electric bill. But it gets to the point where I have 2 fans pointed directly at

Guacamole Potato Salad

Guacamole Potato Salad - Shake up your potato salad routine! All the flavors of classic guacamole are tossed with fingerling potatoes for a unique side dish. Serve with grilled tacos or burgers! |

It finally happened. Technology bit me in the butt. You see, my camera has a wifi feature, which always makes me go “whoa, we’re living in the future!” Not only can I take photos and instantly see them on my camera screen (which is cool enough for somebody who grew up with film cameras), but I

Summer Vegetable Pepe Pasta Salad

Summer Vegetable Pepe Pasta Salad - Fresh asparagus, corn, tomatoes, and pepe pasta are tossed with a Greek yogurt, Parmesan and dill dressing. |

Have you ever tried pepe pasta? It’s sometimes labeled as acini di pepe, and can be found with the rest of the pasta options in most grocery stores. If your favorite pasta brand doesn’t sell pepe, just be sure to browse the other brands, and you should be able to find it. It’s very similar