Simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.

Bacon-Feta Potato & Green Bean Salad

Bacon-Feta Potato & Green Bean Salad - Serve warm or cold! Red potatoes, green beans, bacon, red pepper and feta cheese tossed with a bacon-shallot vinaigrette. |

My mom doesn’t particularly love to cook, but what’s ironic is the things she cooks really, really well are things that generally make me want to tear my hair out in the kitchen. She’s great at cut-out sugar cookies, whereas I attempt them once every few years at most, but mostly just rely on her to make them.

She’s also great at potato salad. I hope YOU like potato salad, because I went on a little potato salad spree last week, and have several recipes hitting the blog in the next few months. My first trial run was my first time making potato salad in quite awhile, and I was a bit rusty. To the point of frantically e-mailing my Mom: “Are you there? I’m making potato salad. I NEED HELP. How do I boil the potatoes?”

Meyer Lemon Shandy

Meyer Lemon Shandy - Homemade Meyer lemonade + wheat beer = the perfect drink to go with a salty snack! |

This post is sponsored by Pringles®. Thank you for reading and supporting brands that allow me to keep bringing you great content. Believe it or not, I used to be somewhat adverse to lemons mixing with other types of food. Lemon chicken and rice soup really confused me and I didn’t understand the allure. What can

Beer Queso Dip Shooters

Beer Queso Dip Shooters - Silky smooth queso dip that STAYS silky smooth as it cools! |

The thing I love more than anything about cooking? You will learn something new every single day you are in the kitchen. I loved learning as a kid, and I still love learning as an adult. When my friend Carla (who in turn learned it from another blogger) told me that the secret to a silky

Southwestern Sausage & Cornbread Breakfast Casserole - A hearty but healthy egg casserole packed with turkey sausage, crumbled cornbread, black beans, green chiles and cheese. |

A peek behind the scenes at Foxes Love Lemons: I keep a huge list of recipes I want to create and blog about. Not necessarily specific ideas, but things like “apple pie,” “an omelet,” “a whole roasted turkey,” and “corn on the cob.” Can you believe I’ve been blogging over two years, and have never

Spiced Potato & Carrot Latkes

Spiced Potato & Carrot Latkes - Crispy and crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, with tons of flavor in each bite. |

A few years back, I participated in a holiday secret swap for foodies around the country. I packed up and shipped a box full of Michigan-made products, as well as some homemade cookies to a gal in North Carolina. The woman who had my name was from the Baltimore area, and she sent me a

Sonoma Chicken Pasta Salad Jars

Sonoma Chicken Pasta Salad Jars - Portable and delicious lunches packed with pasta, dried cranberries, celery, chicken, pecans, blue cheese and homemade raspberry vinaigrette! |

A salad with blue cheese, dried cherries or cranberries, pecans or walnuts, maybe some chicken, and raspberry vinaigrette. What is this type of salad called in your neck of the woods? Here in Michigan, it’s widely referred to as “Traverse City salad,” after the city in the northern lower peninsula that is world famous for

Caramel Chai Tea Latte Rice Pudding

Caramel Chai Tea Latte Rice Pudding - The spiced flavor of creamy chai tea melded into rice, topped with mango and blueberries. A perfectly luxurious dessert that is SO simple to make! |

Is there an activity that most people don’t find relaxing, but you do? I know some people say that cleaning the house or doing laundry relaxes them, but that’s not quite my cup of tea. Sorting the mail, however? That’s my jam. We have a little end table positioned just next to our front door. The