Simple, yet special, recipes for the home chef.

Turkey, Fennel & Cherry Puff Pastry Pockets

Turkey, Fennel & Cherry Puff Pastry Pockets - A grown up version of a hot pocket sandwich! |

Whoops! I just realized that last winter when there was that big Hot Pockets recall and I decided to make my own Chipotle Steak Grown-Up Hot Pockets at home, I made another version and forgot to share it with you! These puff pastry pockets are definitely adult sandwiches as well (although who knows, maybe some open-minded kids would like them?), with roasted turkey, caramelized fennel and Fromager d’Affinois® cheese.

Shrimp Fried Farro (Farro Fried “Rice”)

Shrimp Fried Farro - A healthier take on shrimp fried rice, made with farro, shrimp, pineapple and edamame. |

The whole concept of fried rice is so strange. Most people think it’s super unhealthy because “fried rice” implies that it would contain a ton of oil. Yet when I make it at home, I use a very minimal amount of oil. Instead, it’s pretty unhealthy because you’re eating a giant bowl of white rice!

Ham & Mozzarella Sticks with Raspberry-Dijon Dipping Sauce - The appetizer version of a Monte Cristo sandwich! Gooey cheesy and ham sticks dipped in spicy-sweet sauce. Make two, or enough for a crowd! |

Weird fact about me – I was totally skeeved out by string cheese until about a year ago. While most kids at my elementary school would open their lunchboxes and tear into the string cheese first, little Lori sat there cheese stick-less. Mind you, I don’t think it’s because my mom refused to buy it

Italian Egg Wonton Cups

Italian Egg Wonton Cups - A cute, delicious way to serve eggs to a crowd at brunch! Crispy wonton cups filled with marinara sauce and eggs, topped with Parmesan cheese and basil. |

I’m generally pretty easygoing at restaurants. People naturally assume that I’m sort of a food snob, but the truth is, I’ll eat just about anything, and do so with minimal complaint. If I order something that I don’t end up liking, I usually just blame myself for ordering the wrong thing and leave it at

Wright & Company in Detroit, MI

Restaurant Review: Wright & Company in Detroit, Michigan |

Jeff and I recently had dinner at one of Detroit’s newest restaurants, Wright & Company. To set the scene, it was a rainy and cold night, plans for a homemade dinner were undefined at best, and it was a few days before Jeff’s birthday. When I sent him an article about new restaurants and told

No Bake Chocolate-Cherry Energy Bites

No Bake Chocolate-Cherry Energy Bites - Make a batch of these wholesome energy bites and keep them in the fridge to snack on all week! |

When my husband is on business trips, I have terrible eating habits that have only slightly improved over the years. You see, it’s something about cooking for one that I just don’t like. Primarily, it’s something about doing the dishes alone after I’ve cooked dinner alone and eaten dinner alone that I don’t like. The

Creamy Pumpkin Parmesan Dip

Creamy Pumpkin Parmesan Dip - A savory way to get some pumpkin goodness into your life. |

It’s that time of year when people (food bloggers especially) lose their minds over all things pumpkin. Except me. For most of my life, I really didn’t care for pumpkin. Young Lori had a nauseating experience with the smell of the pumpkin “guts” that had to be extracted from the gourds before carving jack o’lanterns. Man,