Sweet and Savory Apple Cider Recipe Roundup

Who’s getting a bit tired of pumpkin recipes? Meeeee! Not that I haven’t done my fair share of them. But my absolute favorite flavor of fall is apple cider. My husband and I like to go to our namesake destination, Yates Cider Mill, and try to tell them we’re long-lost cousins and that they should give us cider and donuts for free. It does not work.

Until recently, I hadn’t cooked much with apple cider. We drink it so fast that there’s none left for cooking! However, I bought a little extra cider this year, and have been using it to deglaze skillets and make quick pan sauces. I also flavored up some chicken chili with a few glugs of cider!

A quick search around the web confirmed what I already knew: apple cider is a versatile ingredient, perfect for a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Here’s a collection of my favorites.

Sweet and Savory Apple Cider Recipe Roundup | foxeslovelemons.com

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