7 Tips for an Easy Brunch Buffet

Hosting a brunch get-together and not sure where to begin? These 7 Tips for an Easy Brunch Buffet will have you feeling like a pro without breaking a sweat.

Overhead shot of table filled with mini quiches, olives, coffee, breakfast breads and spreads, salad and fruit.

While I’ll always love a sangria party with badminton tournaments late into the night, brunch get-togethers certainly have their own charm, especially during the holiday season.

The food and drink options can be kept a lot simpler compared to dinner. And even better – so many of the food options can be made in advance.

You can see all of your family and/or friends, but then send them on their way by early afternoon, leaving you the rest of the day to relax and nap. And seriously, who doesn’t love brunch food? Savory, sweet – there’s something for everyone!

Today, I’m sharing my Top 7 Tips for an Easy Brunch Buffet. Bookmark this for use this holiday season, or even save it for next Mother’s Day or a bridal shower!

1. Keep the menu very simple. There are a lot of food options when it comes to a brunch buffet, with a wide range of sweet and savory foods. You’re the host, so choose what you like best. Maybe choose one savory entree-type dish, one sweet one, and then some breads or pastries and fruit.

Everybody knows that I much prefer savory foods, so my favorite brunch options include things like quiche, olives, and even a salad. Hey, I ate salad for breakfast every day we were in Greece, and loved every bite. Why not bring it home?

Horizontal overhead shot of table filled with mini quiches, olives, coffee, breakfast breads and spreads, salad and fruit.

2. Set up a bar cart, and let everybody mix their own drink. Heck, all you need is champagne + OJ and/or vodka + Bloody Mary mix. Everybody has their own idea of the proper ratio for a mimosa anyway (in my opinion, it’s a full glass of champagne with the tinies splay of OJ for color), so just let them all make their own. Have a big pot of coffee on hand as well.

3. Rely on foods that you can make before your guests arrive. You can make homemade vegetarian quiche the day before, but store-bought quiche are one of my favorites shortcuts here (La Terra Fina brand is really delicious). Another savory make-ahead recipe I use a lot is Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole.

My very favorite thing about serving quiche for a party is that they do not have to be served piping hot from the oven. In fact, room temperature quiche is just as delicious. So, you can bake them off before guests arrive and set them out. No stress!

4. The quickest way to make your brunch seem fancy, even when it’s not? Put out a bunch of jams in pretty bowls. Seriously. Store-bought jams. From the fancy aisle. Like, three or four flavors. Scoop them into bowls. Insert spoons. Scatter them around the buffet table. People will love it.

Overhead shot of brunch buffet table filled with mini quiches, olives, coffee, breakfast breads and spreads, salad and fruit.

5. Forget the fruit plate. You either have to buy one (which is super expensive and the quality if usually not good), or buy all the fruit yourself and cut it all up (which can be time consuming). Just pick a few fruits that are in season (this time of year, clementines and apples) and put them out, whole. I mean, clementines are kind of fun to peel and eat, too. People won’t miss the fruit plate.

6. Don’t make anything that requires you to stand at the stove and babysit it (sadly, now is not the time for brioche French toast made to order). Enter, the quiches. But also ALSO, oven bacon. If you haven’t tried it yet . . . try it now. It’s a completely hands off way to cook bacon that won’t cover your stove in grease splatters. It’s perennially one of my most popular blog posts ever.

7. If people ask “what can I bring?,” take them up on it. Don’t be a brunch hero! Have somebody stop and pick up a dozen bagels and some cream cheese. Or one of those big cartons of hot coffee, so you don’t have to make it. Or, just another bottle of champagne. Let them help!

More ideas for hosting a brunch buffet:

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